Minister of Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan, tells parliament the fast ferry vessel the MV Galleons Passage is scheduled to leave Cuba on July 10th upon completion of ongoing works and is expect in Trinidad by July 16th.

The National Infrastructure Development Company Limited, on Friday, indicated that the works will be surveyed by the Classification Society’s surveyor, Lloyd’s Register, prior to the vessel’s departure from Cuba.

In a media release NIDCO explained that after arrival in Trinidad, the Owner’s proposed enhancements will be done on a phased basis, while the vessel in service.

NIDCO said the M.V. Galleons Passage is currently docked at the Damex Shipyard in Santiago de Cuba, where it is undergoing works specified in the Memorandum of Understanding between NIDCO and Sealease Limited of Hong Kong to better equip the vessel for the nation’s use.

Minister Sinanan was asked for an update on the matter during the question and answer period in the House of Representatives this afternoon.