The Guardian Media Group is reporting the construction of what has been described as a mysterious jetty, by Claxton Bay fishermen.

The jetty has been erected across prized fish nesting grounds in the Gulf of Paria and according to the report, a party boat had been frequenting the area.

The fishermen argue that the jetty and what it brings, is upsetting the seagrass beds and fish nurseries flourishing on the western coast near Sandy Point Bay. The construction of the jetty means that mangroves were cleared for the enterprise.

The report states that the floating jetty was well constructed using blue plastic drums, wooden planks and tyres. It is further reported that the jetty leads to a small, sandy verve where a popular Soca entertainer is said to host private parties.

The Clayton Bay Fishermen are bothered by the fact that litter and debris are left behind by partygoers who frequent the area, the fishermen saying that for many years, they have been fighting to save the area from pollution.

The EMA has indicated that it will investigate the matter.