Soca artist Nadia Batson isn’t about to sleep on her competition. Even as the soca industry and much of the music market is in a lull arising out of COVID-19 restrictions, Nadia Batson has proven that with a little dedication, mental focus and planning, work can be executed by all artistes professionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Batson teamed up with her Martian Music producer who doubles up as her spouse, Erikson ‘Don Iko’ George, to deliver a tune that’s full of maxi dub momentum and laced with lyrics that everyone’s gonna love. “Champion Sound” is just what’s needed at a time when many are stuck at home, going bonkers, and constantly questioning when will this all come to an end? In just over 3 minutes, Batson fulfils the desires of true vibes and melody lovers, people who’ve been craving that good music – the kind that bridges gaps between young and old and takes the mind away….. far away!

Nadia Batson’s been proving her excellence as not just a songwriter, but certainly a businesswoman in the music industry. Her forward thinking attributes and tech savvy prowess is definitely placing her in a league that she’s manning with little to no aggravation. Did we mention that Batson wrote the song with her producer/hubby too? Too much to take in? Well…better prepare, ’cause it seems like Nads is just about getting started!