vindra-naipaul-coolmanThe Vindra Naipaul Coolman murder trial resumed yesterday after a one-week break.

The trial had been adjourned following the assassination of co-lead prosecutor Dana Seetahal, SC, on May 4.

12 men are accused of the murder of Mrs. Naipaul Coolman.

The court heard that based on the bullet casings collected by police at her 742 Radix Road, Lange Park, Chaguanas, home, two guns — Glock pistol and an UZI submachine gun — were used during Naipaul- Coolman’s abduction on December 19, 2006.

The bullet casings recovered by police and the certificates of analysis prepared by firearm examiner Robert Harvey at the Forensic Science Centre was yesterday tendered into evidence.

The trial resumes today.