CrimeThree shootings, one involving an officer is presently engaging the attention of Police.

On Tuesday evening, Corporal Anthony Burns was attacked by unknown gunmen shortly after he returned to his  La Monte Street, Longdenville  home. The 58 year old officer heard gunshots shortly after he arrived home. He reportedly exited his vehicle and ran into his home unhurt, and contacted police. Officers from the Central Division Task Force visited the scene, and found that the body of his vehicle had several bullet holes.

Some 20 minutes later while police were still on the scene where Corporal Burns was shot at, they received a report of another shooting.

National footballer Akeila Mollan also of La Monte Street  was also shot at on entering her driveway in her silver Primera motor vehicle.

At around that time, in Curepe 3 shots were fired at the office of the TnT Mirror, located just off the Southern Main Road.

No one was injured in any of the shooting.

The motives in the last two cases remain unclear.