The Caribbean Prestige Foundation (CPF) says it will spend the next couple of months restructuring the National Schools’ Soca Monarch (NSSM) competition.

It notes that the NSSM, which was established in 1997, is an initiative intended to provide a safe and encouraging avenue for children to explore and refine their undeveloped talent. 

“The CPF believes there is an urgent need to restructure the competition to reposition it in the marketplace. The Junior and Senior categories will be kept but the competition’s structure will change,” said CPF Director Geoffrey Wharton-Lake.

The CPF is a non-profit organisation, which facilitates the production of the NSSM competition by partnering with the Ministry of Education. The competition’s aim is to positively contribute to the cultural, social and holistic development of the children of Trinidad and Tobago through the performing arts.

Via media release, the CPF highlighted its main objectives:

  • To create a nursing ground for young talent
  • To provide opportunities regardless of geographic location
  • To have soca represented for the future by starting from school age

Details of the restructured competition will be release in the second quarter of 2020.