Minister of National Security, Stuart Young says citizens ought to work together with security forces to ensure that criminals are beaten into submission.

Speaking at the Ministry’s Temple Court office on Wednesday, Minister Young said that under the Anti-Gang Legislation, persons who are caught and are related to gang activity and those who threaten citizens through a gang, will be charged.

Minister Young said this in reference to recent instances of alleged gang related shootings.

When asked if a State of Emergency can be implemented in some parts of the “hot zone” areas throughout Trinidad, Minister Young said that the possibility of locking down some areas is not necessary at this time.


Former National Security Minister Calls For SOE

Former National Security Minister Jack Warner is calling for a state of emergency in selected areas as a means of stemming the violence.

Speaking on CNC3 Television, Mr Warner accused the Government of being weak on crime.

He asserted that criminals believe that the Government is impotent in the fight against crime.

Mr Warner argued that while Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has managed to make a dent in the fight against crime, the Government must do their part also.