Security Edmund Dillon

Minister of National Security Retired Brig. Edmund Dillon

Minister of National Security Retired Brig. Edmund Dillon has strongly condemned the recent increase in homicides, especially the spate of attacks on the lives of national security officers.

In a release issued last evening the Minister expressed concern that officers who dedicated their lives to protect and serve the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, were apparently being targeted by criminal elements.

He extended condolences to the families of Corporal Shervaun Charleau of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force and Superintendent David Millette of the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service, who were fatally attacked over the past three days.

Minister Dillon assured that law enforcement officials were treating these instances of violence against serving officers seriously, and were working assiduously to resolve the cases with the purpose of bringing swift justice to the perpetrators.

He also sought to assure members of the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service that the Government would be giving priority attention to strengthening the safety and security of its officers.

A meeting which was scheduled last week for the Minister to hold discussions with the Prison Service Executive on Prison Management will now take place on Wednesday 4 November 2015.

The National Security Minister reiterated that the Defence and Protective Services would be given the necessary tools and resources to allow them to fulfill their duties efficiently and effectively.