There are new reports this morning that National Security Minister Edmund Dillon has been ordered to pay back over $100,000 in a fraud case that he was recently a party to, in the United States.

Minister Dillon was accused of fraud in acquiring part ownership of US senior citizen Neville Piper’s Manhattan condominium.

He claimed that Mr. Piper, a longtime friend of his, has gifted him part ownership of the property.

However Piper’s niece, Esther Nicholls, claimed that Dillon had acquired the ownership fraudulently.

After the matter was settled before the court, and details of the case sealed, Dillon had claimed that he had been exonerated of any wrong doing. Nichols yesterday suggested that this is not entirely true.

A news report last evening, indicated that Justice Laura Visitacion-Lewis of the New York Supreme Court ordered Dillon to return the money to Mr. Piper, return the deed to Piper’s multimillion-dollar condo, and relinquish all documents and interests pertaining to Piper.