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National Security Ministry is dismisses rumors of planned attempts by any organization to cause a national disturbance

NEWS GRAPHIC 15The National Security Ministry is dismissing all rumors of any planned attempts by any organization to cause a national disturbance of any kind. This after news yesterday that Imam Yasin Abu Bakr was taken in by Police authorities at approximately 5 o’clock.

Son of Jamaat Al Muslimeen Leader Fuad Abu Bakr, confirmed that the Long Circular home of the Imam was searched by police who claimed to have been looking for arms and ammunition, however he said none was found. He said police went on to arrest the Imam on the grounds that he was being detained for questioning in connection with the murder of Dana Seetahal S.C.

Officials at the ministry say intelligence agencies have no information of a planned disturbance and as such, the public is urged to ignore any such rumors.

A media release Monday afternoon indicated that citizens can be assured that in the event of any threat to the safety and security of citizens the Ministry of National Security will issue immediate alerts and guidelines to ensure the preservation of order and overall national security.

In a televised interview this morning, National Security Minister,  Retired Brigadier General Carl Alfonso revealed that there has been an increase in security since the Imam’s detention on Monday.


He advised citizens to try to maintain calm and not give in to panic because of unsubstantiated rumors. He also said as the National security Minister he could not tell the Police Commissioner how to conduct his operations.


He disclosed that National Security is much better prepared now that it was in 1990.


National Security Minister Carl Alfonso.

The Ministry is reminding the public that, in times of doubt about any public security issue, information should be sought directly from the relevant authorities instead of simply accepting hearsay from social media and other unofficial sources.