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National Carnival Commission, Kenny Da Silva

The Chairman of the National Carnival Commission is today saying that he will soon give up the position.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102.1fm this morning Kenny Da Silva revealed that he will resign as Chairman of the NCC.

He said that this is his last year in that post.

Persons have called for his resignation after the Dimanche Gras debacle.

Many have criticized the production of the show labeling it an abject failure.

Da Silva revealed that the buck stops with the Chairman and he has to respect the many calls for his departure as Chairman.

Dimanche Gras 5He stated that the Chair must take responsibility for what occurred at the Dimanche Gras Show.

He said that he believes that there is a competent board in place and Deputy Chairman to carry on the duties of NCC.

After his departure a new Chairman will have to be elected to take up duties in time for next year.