The National Carnival Commission is ensuring citizens and the Emancipation Support Committee all is being done to address infrastructural challenges at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah.

On Tuesday at a news briefing held at the  E.S.C.’s Maraval office, Chairman Khafra Kambon said within the last two weeks the Committee was told by the N.C.C. officials the organization will not be able to use the Grand Stand for activities of the emancipation commemoration due to infrastructural issues plaguing the facility.

The first activity at the Lidj Yasu Omowale Emancipation Village at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah is the blessing of the ground ceremony on Sunday July 24th.

On Thursday July 28th there will be the grand opening of the Emancipation Village.

In an interview on Power 102.1fm’s Centre Stage programme this afternoon, NCC Chairman, Kenny De Silva,  confirmed work is taking place to address problems at the Grand Stand.

Mr De Silva said the NCC is not taking a laid back approach to the request of the ESC but the Commission is working hard to get the facility ready in time.

However, he insisted the safety of citizens will not be compromised.