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New National Security Minister Says Positives of SAUTT Will Remain

New National Security Minister Says Positives of SAUTT Will Remain

There is an assurance from National Security Minister, Gary Griffith, that recommendations and suggestions given by the Opposition People’s National Movement and other quarters to fight crime will not be ignored.

Speaking in the parliament on Wednesday during the Budget Debate, Minister Griffith said politicizing crime brings no result and he will not subscribe to such action.

He confirmed positive elements of the contentious S.A.U.T.T., which was set up by the PNM will remain, while weaknesses found in the institution’s operations will be addressed.

Minister Griffith said citizens can expect more of a team oriented approach with the various law enforcement personnel as they are the ones who protect the country and ensure law and order.


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    Rose Ahing 5 years

    Why is it that when Minister Griffith was Security Advisor to the Prime Minister he did not so advise to keep the elements of SAUTT that were deemed useful? Was the usefulness noted in the recommendations of the team that reviewed SAUTT? Was the report ever made public? After disbanding now he wants to re-create SAUTT? This makes no sense whatsoever; if there was value in the systems of SAUTT then these elements should have been maintained in 2010; it seems he waited till he became Minister to get some sense and now he can take all the credit for the restart of these systems. So much for operating as a team to deal with crime in this country.