The recently formed Bar Owners/Operators Association of Trinidad & Tobago (B.O.A.T.T.) is calling on the Prime Minister, Minister of Trade and the Minister of Health to include the Bar industry in the 4th phase of businesses reopening. 

The B.O.A.T.T says it is in the process of developing a COVID-19 Policy for Bar Operations and is working with its membership to ensure that they would be compliant in time for opening. The association points out that their sector was the first to be shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and now, due to government and health official’s management of the crisis which has resulted in the cure being flattened in T&T, they are calling for urgent consideration to be given to the reopening of their sector, in line with the new normal.

The B.O.A.T.T. membership currently has 156 member bars which employees 884 persons. They say their membership is growing daily, noting that the wider bar sector consists of approximately 5000 bars throughout the country with an estimated 20,000+ employees. 

B.O.A.T. T says taking into consideration these employees and their dependents, the closure of the sector has impacted an estimated 80,000+ persons directly and another estimated 20,000+ small suppliers and service providers indirectly.  Both direct & indirect total 100,000 + persons affected.