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News Power Now Local Government Elections Performance Review.

News Power Now Local Government Elections Performance Review.

Local Government Elections are just a few week away. In the lead up to the November 28th polling date, News Power Now will be reviewing the performance of Borough Councils and Regional Corporations across the country during their stint in office.

Arima Mayor George Hadeed.

Arima Mayor George Hadeed.

Today, Arima Mayor George Hadeed gives his Council eight out of ten for their contribution to the Borough.

Infrastructural development in the Borough, particularly on the issue of street vending and parking, he believes should be top priority for the incoming Council given the fact that the foundation has already been laid.

Mayor Hadeed also detailed how the issue of crime was dealt with under his tenure. He indicated that meetings with stakeholders as well as Community Police aided in lessening the occurrence of criminal activities in Arima, especially in areas where the council has control such as Carnival and Arima Fest celebrations.


Arima Mayor George Hadeed.