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NIDCO to investigate why the media was prevented from covering site visit to Petit Morne…

nidcoAn investigation has been  launched by the National Infrastructure Development Company Ltd, (NIDCO), into why members of the media were not allowed to accompany the state entity on a site visit in South Trinidad, on Saturday.

The media was informed last Friday of the site visit  to Petit Morne, Phase 2A, by NIDCO, through its communications manager Ingrid Ishmael.

That visit was expected to take place at noon.

However, when members of the media showed up at the site, there was an armed police presence, and one police officer informed the media no cars were supposed to pass or park close to the area.

The officer said the media was not invited.

He reportedly told Trinidad Express reporters “you all go back home. Go and express yourself”

Ms. Ishmael has since apologized to the media.

She said she had not received any communication from the Estate Management Business Development Company (EMBD), which is responsible for the development of the area, earmarked for residents soon to be relocated to make way for the Point Fortin highway extension.

Ms. Ishmael said when she heard about the police presence, she immediately contacted the company’s acting president, Hilda Goodial, who assured  her she would investigate immediately.

The site tour was the first of several similar tours that will be taking place, for soon-to-be-relocated residents to the area.