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Nine Trinidadians Detained in Turkey, To Be Monitored Upon Deportation.

Nine Trinidadians Detained in Turkey, To Be Monitored Upon Deportation.

news powerNine Trinidad and Tobago nationals were expected to be deported late yesterday from Turkey, after being detained by  nabbed by Turkish officials in Adana, while travelling in a truck on July 27. The Trinidadian nationals were allegedly trying to travel to Syria to join the terror group, Islamic State, also known as Isis.

Attorney General Faris Al Rawi has assured the population that that the men, like any other deportees, will be kept under strict surveillance.

He added that evidence is currently being gathered to determine what possible charges they may face, indicating that these could range from facing a jail term, heavy sanctions and forfeiture of assets.

According to the Daily Sabah, the men were in the truck when it was stopped by police acting on a tip-off that “foreigners” were said to be en route to join the terrorist organisation active in Syria and Iraq.

The newspaper said Assem Hasseno, a Syrian suspect accused of transporting unidentified Trinidadians to Syria, was also detained and remanded into custody.

Adana is among the cities near the Syrian border where foreign fighters attempt to illegally cross to join Isis, otherwise known as Daesh.

The report said Turkey, which shares a lengthy border with Syria, is popular among Daesh’s foreign recruits from all across the globe although this was likely the first time for citizens of this country.