Director of the National Lotteries Control Board, Michael Jogee, says the full amount of the taxes owed to the Board of Inland Revenue have been paid on a timely basis in accordance with its obligation.

In a media release, Mr Jogee said as at Thursday’s date taxes have been collected from the agents with the December month outstanding and this will be collected by next week.

He noted that as is it custom, the NLCB will continue to ensure that all monies are collected and remitted as required.

This was in response to a story we carried earlier, from a statement by former Deputy Director at the NLCB, former government minister Devant Maharaj

He claimed that over fourteen million dollars in taxes was owed to the NLCB as a result of what he described as the Board’s failure  to collect the “ ten percent winning tax” imposed in the 2018/2019 National Budget.

Speaking on the State of the Nation Programme on Power 102.1fm, Mr. Maharaj said he was informed of the situation by a junior staff member.

He claimed that the development can have serious implications for the NLCB and the country.

Mr. Maharaj also alleged that the NLCB is also twenty-five million dollars in debt.