Local authorities say they are working with their Venezuelan counterparts in efforts to secure the release of six Trinidad and Tobago fishermen captured by pirates off Trinidad’s southwest coast.

The pirates are said to be Venezuelan nationals.

Those captured include a 16 year-old boy.

All six were featured in news pictures this morning, surrounded by their captors, who were heavily armed.

The teenager has been identified as Jagdesh Jaikaran. The others are 28-year-old Brandon Arjoon; 35-year-old Lynton Manohar; 36-year-old Jerry O’Brian; 38-year-old Jason O’Brian and 49-year-old Ricky Rambharose.

They are all said to be fishermen from Morne Diablo, Penal.

Speaking with News Power this morning President of the Police Social and Welfare Association Acting ACP Michael Seales revealed that in situations like this, there must be collaboration between security forces here and in Venezuela.

He said however, that when such a crime occurs on international waters the local security forces are hindered in what they can do.