Motorists are being warned that if they still don’t have their vehicle inspections up-to-date after today they run the risk of being pulled over by inspection officers and may be made to pay a fine.

Government offered a five-month moratorium on the inspection of vehicles effective July 5, to permit motorists enough time to ensure that their vehicles are inspected – a decision taken following a series of complaints of overcrowding at licensing offices.

A missing inspection sticker and valid certificate carries a fine of $5000.

Minister Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan is adamant that there would be no extension of the moratorium as he says citizens had ample opportunity to have their vehicles inspected.

Commenting on the long lines at approved inspection garages seen in the past week, Sinanan said he could not understand why drivers would have waited until the last minute to ensure that they got their affairs in order.

While Minister Sinanan was firm that there would be no leniency on the mater, he said the decision ultimately rests with the inspection officers and on a situational basis.