Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has given instructions for random testing for dangerous drugs, to be conducted on both Regular and Special Reserve Police Officers of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

The TTPS, in a media release, said this is in accordance with Section 93 (3) of the Police Service Regulations, 2007.

It explains that where random testing is done, any officer found to be under the influence of any Dangerous Drugs whilst on duty, will be disciplined.

The release indicated that this is a proactive approach aimed at minimizing the possibility of police officers being addicted to illegal drugs, which can hamper their performance and also to ensure that officers do not commit actions, which will cause them to be involved in any type of criminal activity.

All police officers were notified that random testing throughout the TTPS will begin in two months time and will continue indefinitely.

In a similar manner to the polygraph test introduced in the south- western peninsula, the Commissioner of Police has requested that he be the first person to be drug tested.