Chairman of the National Carnival Commission (NCC), Winston Peters is reiterating that there will be no North Stand for Carnival 2019.

He says that it has become too much of a financial burden.

Peters said there was a time patrons showed a preference for either the North Stand or Grand Stand but lately, no one is showing a preference for the Savannah and, outside of Panorama semi-finals, the North Stand is under-utilized.

Speaking with News Power Now on Friday, Peters said that the North Stand has outlived its usefulness and will now be replaced.

He noted that the Greens is an initiative of Pan Trinbago.

He disclosed that the NCC facilitates Pan Trinbago by providing the space and if they require the space again next year then they will provide it once again.

Peters also pointed out that the Dimanche Gras will revert to a show and will not feature any competitions.

He stated that it has become necessary to internationalize Carnival to ensure its preservation while ensuring that it remains economically viable for us.