Minister of Finance, Colm Imbert, is insisting that at no time has the Prime Minister or the Minister of Finance indicated that the Government intends to increase the retirement age.

In a media release today, the Finance Ministry explains that in January 2017 at the opening of the new NIB Headquarters in Port- of- Spain, Minister Imbert stressed, in his feature address at that event, that pushing back the retirement age was not government policy and that no decision had been taken on the matter.

It points out that the government’s position on the retirement age has since been raised in Parliament on several occasions since January 2017 and on every occasion the Minister of Finance has made it clear that the Government has no plan to increase the retirement age and that no decision has been taken by the Government on this matter.

The statement says that the Joint Trade Union Movement’s allegation that the government is proposing to increase the retirement age in order to deny workers their retirement benefits is therefore completely erroneous and unfounded.

Speaking at a May Day rally in San Fernando on Tuesday, Head of the Joint Trade Union Movement, Ancil Roget threatened resistance from the labour movement on this matter.