Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, in the initial meeting with those selected to be a part of the committee tasked with the challenge of plotting a way toward positive change in Laventille and other communities often referred to as “at risk communities” has said no one demential approach will work.

Dr. Rowley has met with members of the team which is steered by Anthony Watkins, a consultant and expert in social pathology/ mental health, correctional services, and psychiatric forensic assessment. In speaking with the team, Dr. Rowley highlighted some of the issues often spoken of, in these areas.

The Prime Minister assured that the committee will receive the necessary resources to ensure that their mandate is fulfilled. He said the task would not be an easy one, further stating that he does not subscribe to the approach often taken, that of blaming the government in entirety, for the problems faced by those who live in these at risk communities.