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NP says service uninterrupted…

npNP is assuring the public that the delivery of fuel to all of its service stations and by extension, its customers remain uninterrupted despite threats made by OWTU President, Ancil Roget, during protest action on Wednesday.

In a statement, Rae Gilbert – Acting Corporate Communications Manager at NP, said, the protest action carried out by the OWTU Executive and its members at the Sea Lots compound was illegal, adding that contrary to statements made by the OTWU President, the Pan Theatre on NP’s premises is not a shared space between the Company and the Union.

Acting Corporate Communications Manager,Rae Gilbert

Acting Corporate Communications Manager,Rae Gilbert

The statement indicated that there is no clause contained in the collective agreement between the two parties which says that the Pan Theatre is a shared space.

NP also maintains that the termination of 68 employees on October 22nd 2013 was due to an illegal work stoppage by those workers in August of this year, and the decision to terminate them was taken after careful consultation with the Company’s independent IR and Legal consultants.

NP said that despite claims by the union that the workers withheld their labour due to Health and Safety reasons, the Company reiterates that the OSH report received in September 2013 did not lead to the issuance of an improvement or a prohibition notice as is mandated in cases of serious or imminent danger.