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NPTA calls for an apology over text book issue

The National Parent Teachers Association is today calling for an apology from the Education Ministry regarding non distribution of textbooks to Secondary School students.

This from NPTA President, Zena Ramatali, after hearing that parents were complaining that the new school term began almost one month already and they have not yet received Government textbooks for their children.

Ms Ramatali says the Ministry of Education should have catered properly for the students

Miss Ramatali further states that her association is also calling for the appointment of a new textbook committee to solve the current problem.

On Friday the Education Ministry said a Textbook Evaluation Committee is being formed so that all authors and publishers will no longer experience the serious disadvantage that existed over last eight years.

Local printers will also be given the opportunity to print the selected textbooks in the country rather than the publishers printing the textbooks in foreign countries like China, as previously happened.

In this way, the jobs of hundreds of workers in local printeries will be retained while the local printing industry will itself be bolstered.

These commitments are outlined in an Education Ministry release which dispelled claims in the media that there will be no free textbooks this term for primary and secondary school students.