parent child homeworkParents or guardians who have not been actively involved in the education of their children are being urged to give this area more priority.

The appeal comes from the National Parent Teachers Association.

NPTA President, Zena Ramatali made the request while speaking on the Exposure Programme on Power 102.1fm hosted by Wayne Mystar Thursday afternoon.

Mrs Ramatali said interaction with young ones who are involved in After School Centers across the country revealed that many of them are in need of proper nurturing and guidance at the home level.


NPTA President, Zena Ramatali

NPTA President, Zena Ramatali

Meanwhile, NPTA First Vice President, Maureen Taylor Ryan, commenting on the issue of indiscipline in schools indicated that there are non-confrontational ways to address act of misbehavior from students.

NPTA First Vice President, Maureen Taylor Ryan