That’s the word being used to describe the situation at the Port of Spain General and San Fernando General Hospitals.

Head of the Nurses Association Idi Stewart says that the situation is only getting worse.

Speaking with News Power Now, he said that due to the post-earthquake restructuring at the POSGH things are chaotic as work is still continuing which is severely hampering operations at the Institution.

This in turn has negatively affected patients.

He said the Association wrote to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health on  what he describes as an acute shortage of nurses,  however, he says the North-Central Regional Health Authority has refused to hire much needed additional staff.

He says the situation at the San Fernando General and the Mt Hope Hospital is not much different.

Stewart said patients are dying because of the seriousness of these conditions.

Calling on the Health Minister to ensure that there is a full complement of staff and for the maintenance of even the bare minimum of international standards, he said there would be a lower mortality rate.

He noted, unfortunately the private sector is not any better.