Anthony Garcia has been replaced by Nyan Gadsby Dolly as Trinidad and Tobago’s new Education Minister. The instruments of appointment were given to Mrs. Gadsby Dolly, the former Minister of Culture and Arts, a short while ago.

The appointment comes at a crucial time in Trinidad and Tobago, and the world, as many look to the Minister of Education to make the necessary adjustments and technologically driven moves that would ensure a sensible and smooth transition from the past to present day circumstances. The Prime Minister last week announced that schools would remain closed through December 31st. There has been no further word on the way forward as it relates to the digitisation of the school syllubus.

Joining Gadsby Dolly in the Ministry of Education will be Lisa Morris Julien, the former Mayor of Arima.

Nyan Gadsby Dolly is is the MP for St. Ann’s East. Prior to the election, residents of parts of Upper Santa Cruz in particular, pleaded for her assistance via a Facebook community group. They spoke of the need for serious road repairs across all major roads in the Santa Cruz area, inclusive of Cantaro and La Pastora.