Education Minister, Anthony Garcia, has sought the advice of the Attorney General in the matter regarding Nafisah Nahkid, the hijab wearing On the Job Trainee who was not allowed to carry out her duties at Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College unless she removed her hijab.

According to Nakhid, upon reporting for duty, she was told by teachers at the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) run school that she could not wear her hijab while at the school.

Garcia has since said that he considers the incident involving as a flagrant disregard of the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago.

In a release sent yesterday, he said this move “sets Trinidad and Tobago back in terms of the steps made for religious inclusion and tolerance.”

Minister Garcia indicated that the position of the SDMS Board of Management on the wearing of hijabs on its compound is contrary to section four of the constitution.

The education Minister pointed out that he has sought the advice of the Attorney General in this matter as this move has far reaching implications.

However, in response, Secretary General of the SDMS, Satnaryan Maharaj says it is the SDMS whose constitutional rights are being infringed upon.

Speaking with news Power Now this morning, Mr Maharaj noted that the burka and hijab has been banned in other countries and said he plans to take the matter before the courts.

Meanwhile, Ms. Nakhid says she is still in disbelief that something of this nature can still occur in 2018 and also plans to take the matter before the courts

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102.1 Fm this morning, Ms. Nakhid, who was accompanied by her attorney, described her reaction to the incident.

While the SDMS and Ms. Nakhid disagree on the issue, the one thing they seemingly agree on is that the matter should be determined by a court of law.

This is at least according to Ms. Nakhid’s attorney, Farid Scoon.