hqdefaultIt is pitiful that school authorities have to resort to using drastic measures to deal with deviant behavior among students.

This is according to Education Minister Anthony Garcia.

Reports indicate that Garcia has been reluctant to introduce closed circuit television cameras into primary and secondary schools as one way of monitoring students.

However he has not dismissed its usefulness nor has he discounted it as a safety mechanism.
He said that he schools should not be seen as detention centers but rather as Institutions of learning, comfort and enjoyment.

Minister Garcia also revealed that he was saddened things had gotten to the point where we have to install surveillance cameras,” he was hopeful that “it is not the way we have to go with all our schools.”

Acknowledging that there were students who exhibited deviant behavior, the minister insisted, they needed to be taken out of the schools.

Revealing that the ministry and other stakeholders were collaborating on several initiatives, Garcia has promised an update when the new school term begins on April 11.

Providing an update on the situation at the El Dorado East Secondary School where 21 students have been identified for removal as a result of deviant behavior, Garcia was unable to confirm if all the parents had been notified or if all the suspension letters had been distributed.

He said suspension letters had been prepared for the 21 students and instructions had been given for them to be delivered and that they had even sought the assistance of the police in the process.


Three_Surveillance_camerasMeanwhile noted Criminologist, Dennis Brown in an interview with News Power Now this morning revealed that he was in favor of the installation of CCTV cameras in the nation’s schools.

He stated that he felt this would act as a deterrent to deviant students at schools.

Criminologist Dennis Brown