The organization Fishermen and Friends of the Sea is offering a $10, 000 reward for any information regarding four stolen vessels and the missing men still at sea.

This following reports that at around midnight last night, four vessels were stolen from the Gulf of Paria in the vicinity of Carli Bay and Orange Valley.

Several fishermen were thrown overboard during the theft.  

Up until news time, one of the eight men had survived the ordeal and had made his way to shore. The body of a second fisherman washed ashore  early this morning in the Brickfield area. The others are still missing.

General Secretary of FFOS, Gary Aboud alleges that the robberies are being carried out by a local ring of bandits.

Mr Aboud also said that National Security Minister Stuart Young’s decision to implement radars on the country’s borders is long overdue. 

Meanwhile, one of the survivors recounted the ordeal in an interview with reporters on Tuesday.

President of the Carli Bay Fishing Association, Imtiaz Khan, told reporters the incident highlights the challenges facing the industry.