Chemical castration should be used as a deterrent to sexual offenders.

This is the view of Independent Senator Dr Varma Deyalsingh.

Speaking at a Special Select Committee public hearing on the Sexual Offenders Amendment Bill 2019 on Tuesday, he said that it is a real solution to problems that arise in treating with sex offenders.

Acting Chief Immigration Officer Charmaine Gandhi-Andrews suggested at the same hearing, that the passports of sexual offenders be revoked.

She said that deportation and revocation of work permits should be included in the Sexual Offences Amendment Bill 2019.

Gandhi-Andrews was not convinced that putting a stamp in someone’s passport, as proposed in the bill, provides a sufficient deterrent to sexual offenders, as they could just change their passports.

Speaking with News Power on Wednesday, Dr Deyalsingh stated that chemical castration would help solve issues such as overcrowding prisons and repeat offenders.

He said that the eight States in the US, Poland, Russia, parts of Austrailia, Sweden, Turkey, Germany and France and other countries have all adopted the practice.

He said that it is not presently being practiced in the country.