The  Government’s current approach on the Venezuela issue is an expression of support for a natural gas deal at the expense of lives and democratic freedom, Opposition MP Ganga Singh has said. He made these and other comments in a statement on Thursday.

And speaking with News Power, he said the Rowley administration seems bent on supporting the Maduro regime for fear of upsetting the status quo.

He said Trinidad and Tobago must take a principled, public and bold stand with the people of Venezuela and support their preference of Juan Guaido as interim president.

Singh said that if the Government did not change their present stance T&T risked being isolated as other world powers have signaled their support of the Opposition Leader.


We Will Not Get Involved

Speaking on the matter at a news conference on Wednesday, National Security Minister, Stuart Young, said this country will not get involved.

He repeated what he said was the country’s official stance, in what is an increasingly tense situation next door.

And, he said in response to another question, the country’s borders will continue to be strengthened to prevent illegal immigration.