Pundit Satyanand Maharaj who led the Sari protest following the controversial skit which was portrayed at the PNM Family Day is thanking Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley for his unconditional apology.

However, he notes that Dr. Rowley has not apologized for the violence against women and political violence displayed in the skit.

The Spiritual Head of the Satya Anand Ashram Temple spoke with Newspower Now and described the apology as an about turn.

Pundit Maharaj also said the reason for Dr. Rowley’s apology bears no excuse as far as he is concerned.

The Pundit also criticized the Hindu members of PNM who Dr Rowley claimed had no issue or problem with the skit.

The Pundit questioned if they were simply yes men, telling the Prime Minister what he wanted to hear.

He cautioned that these types of advisors to the Prime Minister are perhaps the most dangerous.

He also called on Minister of National Security, Stuart Young who indicated that the offensive skit was “a bit of fun” as well as PNM social media activists, to follow suit.