Trinidad and Tobago Appeal Court judge Stanley JohnFormer Trinidad and Tobago Appeal Court judge Stanley John is today lamenting the opposition being mounted against the move by the Attorney General, in his attempt to amend the rules governing trial by jury in Trinidad and Tobago.

Noting that he sits as a judge in the Turks and Caicos from time to time, Justice John said this option is available there. He also said this option works in other jurisdictions. Justice John said it is time for Trinidad and Tobago to look at things differently.

Arguing that the system cannot handle lengthy preliminary inquiries anymore, the former T&T Judge said people are afraid of change.

Justice John said it is difficult to get the best persons to sit on juries, adding that if there were more lawyers, forensic experts, accountants and other professionals on juries in this country, it would help.

Justice John also served as a judge in The Bahamas, having been recruited while serving in the Trinidad and Tobago High Court.