Public Relations Officer for the United National Congress, Anita Haynes, says the Opposition remains prepared to pass the Anti-Gang legislation and its legal expertise have provided suggestions to strengthen the amended draft Bill presented by the Attorney General.

However, Ms. Haynes claims that “one sticking point remains the Government’s unwillingness to budge on the length of time for the Sunset Clause which subjects the law and its actions to further review in 24 months.

She notes that “it remains the position of the UNC that increases in power must be measured with increasing scrutiny, adding that this is the only way to ensure the rights of citizens are protected.”

A media release this afternoon stated that the other issue on which the UNC is adamant, is the need for wider consultation on the draft Bill, as well as feedback from stakeholders, namely the Director of Public Prosecutions on the measures contained in the legislation.

It pointed out that the DPP would be responsible for ensuring that this legislation can be effective.
Therefore, the UNC would like to hear from the Office if it is indeed workable in its present form.