Keith_RowleyA call for citizens to use this time for reflection…

It comes from the Opposition leader who is urging citizens to take time to think about the reason for the season; which is the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr Keith Rowley says there is no greater example of true and selfless service to mankind than the life of Jesus Christ, and through His death and resurrection mankind is given the opportunity of eternal life and a sterling example of selfless service to emulate.

He said in recent times, many citizens have been crying out about feeling marginalized, discriminated against or forgotten…and he added that as a developing nation, we must endeavor to strike that delicate balance of progressing while at the same time caring for those who are least able to care for themselves.

He believes each of us must see it as our responsibility to care about on another even as we seek individual and collective advancement.

He says we should all seek to be Christ like in our daily lives.
In his message to the nation he urged that the purpose of Christ’s death and resurrection be planted and blossom in our hearts every day of every year, and that as a people, we all aspire to serve our fellow man as selflessly as He did and transform our society into one in which every single citizen feels safe and cared for.


Written by Sharon Williams-Ali