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Opposition Leader eagerly awaits address to the Nation by Prime Minister

Opposition Leader eagerly awaits address to the Nation by Prime Minister

Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Leader of the Opposition, Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar

The Leader of the Opposition, Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar has indicated that she is keenly anticipating the forthcoming address to the nation by Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley.

In a release issued recently, she claimed that the PNM has already begun to speak in veiled language about the return to the IMF and urged the Government to desist from such action which she says is inevitably destined to bring more hardship to the people.

In addition, she warned that the PNM’s compulsion to put their hands in the cookie jar of the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund has already been signaled and this will further impoverish the nation.

The Opposition Leader asserted that it is incumbent upon Dr. Rowley to reassure fearful citizens that the Rowley-led PNM Government has no intention of devaluing the TT dollar, as this she claimed would only bring further economic hardship to an already encumbered population, since almost all of our manufacturing inputs and other essential consumer goods are imported, including food, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

She also called on Dr. Rowley to inform the nation, via his address, of which previously zero-rated products are now subject to VAT, as well as the Rowley-led government’s current position on wage negotiations in the public sector.

Additionally, Mrs. Persad-Bissessar entreated the Prime Minister to let the growing body of unemployed persons know what is going to be done to assist them with food, mortgages and other expenses and urged the government to begin discussions with financial institutions to begin to save persons from losing their properties.

She said that while she is fully aware of the drop in oil prices and the lack of control which the government faces with energy prices as a whole she is disappointed that a plan of action to deal with the worsening situation has not been announced by the government.

The Opposition Leader ended by warning that the consequences of imposing bitter pills upon the population is due to an inherent incompetence of Dr. Keith Rowley’s PNM to govern effectively and will result in social disaster and economic ruin.


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    Hans-Elmar 3 years

    The major idea of Kamla is that the new driver namely Keith Rowley cannot drive. She ommitted the fact he inherited the mess from her own administration.The T&T currency is floating.This shows the market value.T&T still has an excellent trade balance. To improve the figures more has to be xported and less has to be imported. If Kamla would have been a smart politician she would have said T&T should put a penalty duty on everything foreign which can be produced in T&T.May be she is afraid saying do not buy goods from India which can be produced right here in T&T.