Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Rowley, is expressing concern about the Prime Minister’s use of her veto powers on the appointment of a director for the Financial Investigative Unit.

He is also calling on the Public Service Commission to take this to the Judiciary as her use of the veto requires the court of law to get involved for clarification.

He held a press conference this morning at his Charles Street Office in Port of Spain when he addressed the matter.

Mr. Rowley said he isn’t questioning the powers that the Prime Minister has but is questioning the manner in which she has used them.

He claimed the veto powers should not be used to display favoritism.

Mr. Rowley went on to reveal that the person currently acting in the post, Ms. Susan Francois, was appointed by the Prime Minister and her cabinet under advice from the Finance Minister.

The Opposition disputed this appointment and its validity as they believed the Public Service Commission was responsible for this appointment and not the cabinet.

The PSC evaluated the post and the applicants and selected Michelle Ann Austin as the person best suited for the job.

However, the Prime Minister vetoed this appointment and presented to parliament, 10 reasons that the current person selected by her and her cabinet should not be removed.

Mr. Rowley said these reasons were nonsensical and just shows the PM’s favoritism.