Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar has stated that she is not interested in any coalition.

Her comments came after a motion by UNC MP Ganga Singh calling for all opposition parties to unite to fight the various elections set to take place over the next three years was effectively shot down by the UNC national executive.

Speaking at the UNC National Assembly on Sunday she said that there is a difference between unity and a coalition.

She was clear that while there is always room for more members that’s as far as it will go for the UNC.


UNC Members Fearful Stance Will Be To The Party’s Detriment

Speaking on CNC3 Television on Monday, Mr Singh explained why the motion was not debated by the executive.

He expressed his fears that the decision by the executive might be to the party’s detriment.

MP for San Juan/Barataria, Dr Fuad Khan, who had seconded Mr Singh’s motion, is much more guarded however, in his comments.

Speaking with News Power this morning, Dr Khan towed the party line saying he had to accept the will of the party’s leader.

Pressed on whether or not he AGREED with the party’s position and the stance expressed by Mrs. Persad Bissessar, this was his response.


Meanwhile, former UNC Government Minister, Jack Warner has described the stance taken by the UNC leadership as impractical.

He too expressed concern that the UNC will find it difficult to successfully contest elections without unity among all the parties looking to unseat the PNM.

He described the task ahead for the UNC as impossible given the circumstances.

Mr Warner, who has since founded his own political party after leaving the UNC, said while he is open to a unity party, he is unwilling to force himself or his party on the UNC.

He added however that if the UNC were to have a change of heart, things could be different this time compared to the last coalition party which the UNC was involved in, the People’s Partnership.