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Opposition Leader Lashes Out, Saying Enough is Enough.

Opposition Leader Lashes Out, Saying Enough is Enough.

“Enough is enough; time for tough action on crime.”  These were the words of Leader of the Opposition Kamla Persad-Bissessar, as she delivered a tribute to Christopher Mohammed, who was found murdered in St. James a few days ago.

28-year- old Mohammed worked as a sous chef aboard an oil rig and was a part-time Uber driver.

Speaking during the funeral service of Mohammed at the St. Anthony’s R.C. Church in Petit Valley the Opposition Leader lamented the loss of an outstanding young man who, she said, had a vision and had set out goals for himself and his family and did his best to ensure they were well cared for.


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    Your sins will follow you until you die and die with you unless you turn to God, your Creator and who you need to server. If you continue serving yourself and God knows or you do not try to stop your sins and atone for them you are doing yourself no favors and will undoubtedly meet your hell (doh bawl then). We in Trinidad and Tobago are having to endure difficult times to say the least for we are refusing to turnaround as only God can solve our problems be it sexual, greed, non service to Him, selfishness, jealously, envy, deceit, conceit, self grandisement,power hungry, etc…..the list is longer. So T&T doh bawl.