Opposition Senator and Attorney at Law, Wayne Sturge

Opposition Senator and Attorney at Law, Wayne Sturge has highlighted the current escalating crime situation and the increasing number of murders.

In a recent media release he outlined several concerns he wanted Government to address.

Sturge stated that the Prime Minister led the populace to believe that both he and the People’s National Movement had the answers to issues related to crime and National Security.

Sturge added that in the last 72 hours Trinidad witnessed an unprecedented 15 murders and has thus called on the Minister of National Security to have better control of the issue.

On a related matter, on the heels of the passing of the Strategic Services Amendment Act 2016, Sturge claimed the Minister of Tourism had taken to mainstream media to complain about citizens posting the reality of violent events on Social media, Facebook in particular.
He said that this made her the second government minister to complain about citizen’s use of social media.

The Opposition Senator is calling on the government to introduce within the next seven days alternative
crime fighting measures to keep the citizenry safe.