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Opposition Senator Says Victim Blaming Cannot and Must Not be Tolerated

Opposition Senator Says Victim Blaming Cannot and Must Not be Tolerated

UNC Chairman, Khadija Ameen

Opposition Senator Khadeejah Ameen

Opposition Senator Khadeejah Ameen, this morning condemned the action of victim blaming.
Her very serious stance comes on the heels of the much talked about sentiments of the Port of Spain Mayor, Raymond Timkee, who said that women have a responsibility to safeguard themselves from abuse.
He had made the remark on Wednesday during a question and answer opportunity with the media, in addressing the questions surrounding the murder of Japanese pannist, Asami Nagakiya.

Earlier today, here on Power 102.1FM, the Senator and mother of one, said the act goes beyond women and can even affect children and other demographics that are subject to violent acts.

She recalled that there was talk of this issue in the past, noting that the often, insensitive treatment meted out to victims is a traumatic experience in itself.

Ms. Ameen again issued a stern call for the Mayor of Port-of-Spain to resign, saying that like others in public office, the mayor has an additional responsibility.

Opposition Senator, Khadeejah Ameen.



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    Hans-Elmar 3 years

    Of course Mrs Ameeen is more than right. This idiot of a mayor who could have been taxidriver in South Africa or policeman in India is not mentally fot for being mayor in an industrialized country like T&T where women have equal rights by law. Somebody who condones crime and blames the victims is disqualifying himself being a member of a civilized society. I wish this stupid man a safe trip to Simbabwe where Robert Mugabe needs more idiots like him.