A group of some 70 non-profit organisations has issued a statement asking Opposition and Independent Senators to support their call for a stay of passage of the Non Profit Bill.

They say there is need for a short stay in the passage of this legislation, to allow for what they term effective consultation, towards the consideration of reasonable amendments to the bill.

The group says the bill in its current form will substantially impact operations of these organisations. They say an appeal to the Attorney General was made by representatives of 20 of these groups for consideration of their concerns, but he dismissed their letter of concern on the floor of the parliament, as he wound up debate on the matter, in the House of Representatives on Friday.

Speaking with Newspower Now on the matter this afternoon, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Wade Mark, said his side supports the position of this group.

He says the Bill will likely lead to the destruction of many such organisations, which he refers to as the third sector, and which do a lot of important work in the society.

Debate on the bill is scheduled to begin in the Senate on Tuesday morning.