Senator Wade Mark

Opposition Senator, Wade Mark

Opposition Senators took the opportunity to once again condemn the government meeting with Independent Senators.

Although the Opposition Senators did not storm any meetings at the Parliament, they did criticize the meeting at a press conference held yesterday.

Opposition senator Wade Mark stated that the Opposition had no other choice but to accept the AG’s offer to meet.

The decision to attend Today’s meeting did not come without protest.

Mark as well as the other Opposition Senators felt that the meeting should have been opened to them as well as the media and the public.

They also criticized the close proximity of their meeting with the actual debate.

Opposition Senator Wade Mark.

The Opposition Senators sought to use Dr. Keith Rowley’s stance in April 2013 as justification for the in camera meeting that was held on Monday to be opened to them.

At that time Dr. Rowley had opined that the previous government was encouraging decision making in the parliament to be done based on secretive information.

Temporary Senator Gerard Ramdeen sought to explain why they now objected to a procedure which occurred under their administration.

Temporary Senator Gerard Ramdeen