Many citizens across the country have been severely affected by the adverse weather conditions.

The various state agencies are on high alert at this time and are working to assess persons in need.

The Met Office has extended its Adverse Weather Alert #3-Orange Level to Tuesday. 

Councillor for Five Rivers, Tova Linn Sandy, who is on the field says constituents attached to the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation are distressed at this present time and are in need of non-perishable items.

Ms. Sandy saya areas such as Oropune, Greenvale and St. Helena were heavily affected by the three-day downpour, and people are being evacuated and transported to nearby shelters.

Meanwhile former Head of the National Operations Centre, Garvin Heeraah says the Association of Evangelical Bible Churches has teamed up with local government corporations both in the East and Central, to serve as distribution relief centres for persons who are in need of food and other supplies.

Heerah says affected residents both in the east and central can contact the hotline at 223-1743.