Friends and relatives of Ornella Greaves, who was killed during protests near the Beetham Highway on June 30, are expected to pay their last respects at her funeral this afternoon. The service is scheduled to take place at the Jesus Elam Revival Assembly International along Third Avenue in San Juan.

Greaves, a mother of five, was also pregnant at the time of her death. She was killed while attending a protest on June 30, organised around the police killing of three men from Morvant. This was hours after a police officer had been killed in another district in Morvant.

Disputing claims about how she was killed, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith yesterday said there was nothing to suggest that police officers were near the scene of this shooting. He said she could well have been shot by someone in the community who had been firing shots at the time of protest activity. The Commissioner assured there would be a thorough investigation into Greaves’ death.