randall mitchellAn apology has been issued by Housing Minister, Randall Mitchell who said that he regretted ‘steupsing’ after Mary Paria, a homeless woman, shouted to him, that she wanted a house while he was at the San Fernando General Hospital on July 2.

He made the apology during an interview following yesterday’s sod-turning ceremony for a housing project at River Runs Through, Arima By-Pass Road, Arima.

According to reports he explained that the incident occurred while he was informing the nation, via a media interview, of the passing of former Prime Minister Patrick Manning at the hospital and he was in an emotional state.

Noting it was Manning who brought him into politics, he said it was during the interview that the woman made an outburst requesting houses.

He lamented that at that moment in time, having regard to his grief, he responded in a way that he now regretted.

He conceded, that such action “was out of place and that he thought it was a poor sense of occasion.

Mitchell, who replaced Manning as San Fernando East MP after the former served for 44 years, said as minister he received numerous requests from citizens for houses “all the time.”

He said Paria was “well known to us in San Fernando” and “notwithstanding my regrettable response, we have been assisting her.