Meantime Officials of National Petroleum are joined by executive members of the Oilfield Workers Trade Union in Tobago as they conduct health and safety audits of all trailers and other equipment used by their crews on the island

Teddy Stapleton, the 2nd Vice President of the OWTU, explains the parties will spend the day on the island, going through with a fine tooth comb, all the equipment used by the staff

This follows recent protest action taken by NP workers over what they termed inadequate safety measures

On Monday the 2 sides agreed to conduct safety audits of all trailers and wagons at Pointe a Pierre and Sea lots, and to do an audit at all terminals in Piarco and in Tobago

These are some of the defects Mr Stapleton, who is in Tobago on behalf of the Union, said he and his union colleagues will be looking out for


Mr Stapleton denied the situation was prompted by outstanding wage issues